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Managing Construction and Other Projects in a Systematic Way

Ostendo Software

Construction companies, contractors and other businesses that involve extensive project management need a way to meticulously track jobs to provide good service to their clients and make sure they don’t lose revenues in every project they do.

Group of Architects PlanningEach project is different and some of these can be huge, requiring a lot of resources from materials to manpower. A method must be in place to efficiently manage a project and enable a company to handle several of them at a given time. Whether it is for a small and medium enterprise or a growing company, the system should be flexible enough to meet present needs and scale up as the business expands.

Ostendo Operational Software has been a big help to construction firms and private contractors in handling jobs to the satisfaction of their customers while keeping them apprised of the costs. What these types of businesses need is a better way to monitor jobs so they charge their customers accordingly and make money. By tracking jobs accurately, they get completed as scheduled and the company can charge for these.

Basically, Ostendo adds advanced inventory, distribution, job costing, manufacturing and service to a company’s accounting system. Its strength though lies in job costing, thus it helps companies improve jobbing and project management. It can provide extensive costing by stage and task, retentions and percentage invoicing, full progress tracking and real time work in progress reporting at all levels. Ostendo can handle simple to complex job estimating and quoting, including after job costing and actual job profit reporting.

Working out diverse project details

In managing a project, a company should oversee its different phases as part of a whole and have control over each phase to fulfill the project to the client’s specifications. This also entails making sure it is financially feasible, which means careful planning of the budget, proper scheduling of tasks and effectively allocating resources.

By tracking job costs more accurately and eliminating risks of failing to charge labor and materials to clients, Ostendo allows a company to save time and money in every project. It even enables the business to prepare and send invoices to clients easily and quickly which helps improve cash flow.

Besides saving the company time and money, Ostendo enhances its operations by scheduling events, materials and other resources efficiently, such as a graphical job calendar by task to help prepare the schedules, so it can better work on various tasks for multiple projects with different timeframes. This paves the way for better project implementation, more organized processes and methodical documentation.

With all these functionalities, a builder or contractor can ask for progressive payment based on project milestone completion or place actual quantities against each job done to provide up to the moment progress report. All the information is stored in the system and can be accessed anytime. The company also has more control over its stock and orders for allocation to jobs so no inventory is missing or wasted. Moreover, it has visibility to critical data needed for reporting purposes or making business decisions.

Since all aspects of the job are captured in one system that works with the company’s accounting software, monthly reports or customized reports can be easily generated and financial reporting can be more detailed. While reports offer a view of the company’s performance, these form as basis also for decision-making.

There’s more to Ostendo than meets the eye

There are more advantages to using Ostendo. While it is flexible to suit a company’s requirements, it covers a wide aspect with its extensive features. It has actual, average, buy price, calculated, standard or last costing methods that enable a construction firm to provide correct and detailed actual, budgeted, planned and projected costs depending on the job or project.

Challenges to construction planning and organization as well as project management can be addressed by Ostendo. It equips the company’s project managers who handle various areas of construction with the tools they need to control costs, allocate resources, manage the budget, provide cost estimates and collaborate on projects to improve service levels and quality.

Businesses that highly depend on project management must be systematic to avoid confusion and chaos that lead to errors and duplication which cost the company time and money. Working with Ostendo, construction firms and private contractors can coordinate different tasks effectively and manage multiple projects efficiently to serve more customers satisfactorily.

Job Costing & Projects

  • Simple to Complex Job Estimating
  • Real Time Work In Progress at all Levels
  • Job Budgets for 36 Months with Comparatives
  • Job Order Touch Screens
  • Remote Tablet Users
  • After Job Costing and Actual Job Profit Reporting
  • Use Planned Costs based on Progress Claim Percentage to Project Job Profitability
  • Budgeted, Actual and Projected Costs
  • Progress Claims and Retentions Tracking
  • Consolidated Invoicing by Project
  • Use Standard, Average, Actual, Last, Buy Price or Calculated Costing Methods


Labour, Timesheets & Job Tracking

  • Timesheets, Job Sheets and Job Lists
  • Data Collection Touch Screens
  • Mobile Timesheets and Remote Tablet Users
  • Email Spreadsheets for Remote Data Collection
  • Graphical Web Dashboards for Employees and Web Based Online Inquiry Screens
  • Planned, Actual and Projected Labour Time remaining by Task, Job or Project
  • Varying Employee Direct Costs can be linked to One Labour Code
  • Varying Customer Labour Charge Out Rates
  • Graphical Resource Job Scheduling Calendar
  • Graphical Plant and Labour Capacity Views
  • Constraint/Bottleneck Resource Scheduling for Assemblies and Jobs


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