Mobile Field Service Software

Mobile Field Service Software products also allow for easy dispatching and logistical management. Plan job flows, routes, budget time effectively, all with a powerful Ostendo Operations Software. Imagine being able to track job statuses by customer with a single swipe. No more phone calls to service technicians to verify current locations or ETAs.

Scheduling is always a complicated dance. Having employees where they need to be, jobs ordered in a meaningful manner and keeping it all organized is a challenge for small to large businesses. With the right software the interactions and the intersections of employees, resources and customers is very seamless. Employees can log in, get their job assignments, review, capture and add key job details on an ongoing basis. At the end of the service job, the software can generate detailed job order, with accurate and clear data for the customers.

Mobile field service software drives electronic data which can be analysed in the form of reports, which supervisors and senior managers are able to use to identify risk and take action. For example, a supervisor may want to analyse the performance of one of their mobile workforce and measure how productive they have been.

These tools are capable of delivering such vital analytical insight into a business to help these businesses look at trends, performance statistics and key metrics to identify what is working well and what areas might contain the potential for risk and so will need to be improved.

Ostendo is designed for Mobile Field Service Management & Maintenance Functionality as follows;

Service Management & Maintenance

  • Sales Orders with complete Picking, Packing and Shipping Process
  • Consolidate Invoices for Jobs, Sales Deliveries and Recurring Invoices
  • Customer Statements by Company Site, Branch or Head Office
  • Sales Kitsets, Configured Items, Alternate Items and Add-on Sales
  • Unlimited Price Levels, Discount Matrix Rules, Special Pricing & Order Pricing Matrix
  • Speed Order Entry Screens defined by User
  • Sales Order and POS Touch Screens
  • Remote Tablet Users
  • Web Based Order Entry for Sales Representatives
  • Sales Budgets, Multi Level with Comparatives
  • Complete Sales and Service History
  • Creates Customer Service Asset after Selling Product or Service
  • Original and Extended Warranty Tracking
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Service Reminder Letters or Emails
  • Many to One for Assets to Jobs
  • Schedules Preventive Maintenance and automatically creates Service Jobs
  • Mobile Meter Readings
  • Rentals and Hire
  • Point of Sale