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Manufacturers – from food to electronics, equipment and various products – closely watch their process flow, inventory and job costing, among other things, to operate more efficiently and thereby improve profitability. A system that would enable them to do all that and more becomes a major and valuable management decision.

Manufacturing is the core strength of Ostendo Operations Software, which when plugged into an existing accounting software provides advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service, preventive maintenance, mobility, distribution and dynamic reporting. To date, many manufacturers have found it to be the right fit for their needs.

Material Resource Planning

For one, a good system allows a company to purchase the raw materials needed in time to meet the production target. The system should also help keep inventory low, just enough to produce the product based on demand without too much surplus in case it doesn’t sell. Equally important is planning what to manufacture at this time and where to ship the product as well as how to work out the time frame. Ostendo lets a manufacturer do all that.

Print shop (press printing) - Finishing lineIt has several configuration methods to make one-off custom designs. It provides recipes for the process industry as well as the traditional multi-level bill of material with routings for make to stock businesses. Constraints can likewise be setup for capacity scheduling.

With Ostendo, manufacturers get a shop floor touch screen data capture module that records times, shows materials usage, allows supervisory control and monitors progress against a job.

Because inventory impacts profit margins, it is key that raw materials, goods in production and finished products don’t remain idle in the plant or factory. Finished products must be delivered to customers just as raw materials must be replenished, both in a timely manner. Ostendo helps manufacturers to keep things moving fast and the production flowing smoothly, while at the same time setting accurate production schedules. The objective is achieve the fastest inventory turnaround possible to improve the bottom line and save on costs too.

Production Planning

Ostendo is also capable of forecasting inventory and managing replenishment and suggested orders to meet demand. To attain efficiencies in plant operations, acquisition of materials must take into account incoming sales orders as well as stock on hand and other historical inventory data available that may show seasonal inventory needs. Capturing all the necessary data and having an effective system in place helps in consolidating purchasing of similar parts to be used for multiple jobs to achieve economies of scale.  It pays to know what, when and how much to order and which vendor to purchase from to eliminate waste and not miss any opportunity in the market. It’s a lot of job if done manually, not to mention prone to errors that can cost the company. But an advanced software like Ostendo simplifies the tasks, gets them done fast and shows management what’s going on at any given time.

Comprehensive Reports

Ostendo MRP System offers a view of the company’s profitability for each job through on-the-run costing that can be tracked in real time. It also allows effective time management because manufacturers get better control over inventory and job allocation, including direct invoicing and sales orders. Companies using this software cited its ability to prepare quotations much easier and quicker, even for big jobs with several lines of the same items from various lists.

Another advantage to using Ostendo is better reporting that allows management to make more informed decisions. Its powerful reporting functions save the company a lot of time and effort as it gets the data it needs quickly, not to mention more accurate and detailed information on inventory, that prove to be valuable inputs for decision-making.

Assembly-LineAs for its other benefits, which are just as important to its users, Ostendo is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface that is simple to follow or learn. Employees have no trouble taking on tasks using the software. It is also customizable so the company gets what it needs and how it wants things to be, while providing a solution to challenges in its operations or processes.

Packed with powerful features and extensive functionalities, Ostendo is capable of solving problems in a company’s inventory control, job costing, assembly and manufacturing as well as improving process flow to help bring the company’s production closer to optimal levels.

Ostendo is designed for Manufacturing, Engineering and Assemby. It functionalities include;

Manufacturing – Process & Discrete

  • Make to Order and Make to Stock
  • Discrete or Process Production
  • Choose the level of Simplicity or Complexity
  • Assembly Orders with or without Details
  • BOMs and Recipes unlimited Levels Deep
  • Assembly Order Touch Screens
  • Shop Floor Data Collection
  • Includes Setup, Scrap Percentage, Resources
  • Where Used Enquiry for Bills of Material
  • Mass Replacement/Substitution Utility
  • Co-Products and By-Products
  • Phantom Assemblies
  • Cost Roll Ups
  • Routings
  • Work in Progress
  • Quality Assurance
  • Health and Safety


Make to Order Custom Products

  • Configured Products and Services
  • Question and Answer Interface to Design Cost and Price Customised Items
  • Creates and Stores Unique Design, Cost and Price at Quote and Sales Order Entry
  • Define your Rules and Pricing Structure
  • Uses Scripting for Dimensional Rules based Configurations
  •  Features and Options
  • Converts to a Regular Service Asset


Inventory, MRP & Purchasing

  • Multiple Sites, Warehouses and Locations
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Serial Number, Batch and Warranty Tracking
  • Grade, Colour, Size, Revision, Expiry Date
  • Barcodes, Barcode Labels and Inventory Labels
  • Allows for Negative Stock
  • Stock Takes and ‘As At Date’ Stock Valuation
  • Warehouse and Location Transfers
  • Average, Standard, Last and Actual Costing at
  • Company or Site Level
  • Sales and Purchase Order Matrices with 2 or 3
  • Dimensions per Style eg Apparel
  • Supersession and Alternative Item with Company
  • Cross Reference Coding
  • Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment
  • MRP Materials Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Budgets, Multi Level with Comparatives
  • Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies, Sales
  • Orders or Stock
  • Unlimited Supplier Catalogues/Price Lists
  • Landed Costing for Imports with Multi Currency
  • 50 character item codes
  • 100 character item product descriptions
  • 66,000 character item notes field
  • Image and document attachments


Labour, Timesheets & Job Tracking

  • Timesheets, Job Sheets and Job Lists
  • Data Collection Touch Screens
  • Mobile Timesheets and Remote Tablet Users
  • Email Spreadsheets for Remote Data Collection
  • Graphical Web Dashboards for Employees and
  • Web Based Online Inquiry Screens
  • Planned, Actual and Projected Labour Time
  • remaining by Task, Job or Project
  • Varying Employee Direct Costs can be linked to
  • One Labour Code
  • Varying Customer Labour Charge Out Rates
  • Graphical Resource Job Scheduling Calendar
  • Graphical Plant and Labour Capacity Views
  • Constraint/Bottleneck Resource Scheduling for
  • Assemblies and Jobs

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