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Ostendo Software

Small and medium enterprises or large companies that are in the business of service, repair and preventive maintenance of equipment need a way to keep track of new installations, routine work, regular repairs and scheduled maintenance to provide superior service to customers and grab opportunities to earn more from repeat business. Imagine gathering all these data and managing all the work manually. Chances are the business won’t be able to project itself professionally to its customers and worse, it could miss out work orders that would likely irk customers or result to losing them.

AutomotiveCompanies in the sales and service industry put a premium in keeping their customers happy. To please its customers, the company should help prevent or detect machine malfunctions and failures that would affect their daily operations. Customers frown upon unwanted expenses for damaged or broken equipment but are open to preventive maintenance work to reduce downtimes and extend the asset’s life cycle. These are what customers expect their sales and service company to do.

To manage the specific needs of their customers, while at the same time optimize the company’s resources, it would help to prepare a plan that shows the details of the work schedules and the parts that need to be ordered. This way, the company meets the target dates and completes its assignments as promised to customers. But this is just one facet of the business. A lot of work goes into the machinery and asset repair and maintenance business to succeed in this industry.

Integrated service delivery to meet customer expectations

Ostendo Operational Software simplifies all the tasks involved in keeping customers’ equipment in top shape after selling them the machines because everything is integrated in one package. From inventory and warranty control to maintenance schedules, tracking customer assets and calls, and producing purchase orders, these are all captured in the system.

There’s another benefit to having one system in place – the company can generate the reports it needs to monitor and run the operations smoothly. It also enables the company to have a central database for services provided to a particular customer, asset tracking and maintenance work. It puts all the information in one place and makes it accessible to everyone involved for increased collaboration.

A popular feature of Ostendo is job costing. Companies have found this very useful and easy to use, the reasons behind its popularity, not to mention it is the strong point of the service maintenance software. It enables a company to prepare quotations, do the jobs and generate reports on the jobs’ profits.

Ostendo’s value to the business is its wide scope and user-friendly functions from invoicing to quoting, purchasing and stock control up to preparing management reports that present a clear and accurate view of jobs being done and their profitability. Companies can confidently delegate administration tasks so management can focus on growing the business.

Maintenance-TeamCompanies are able to schedule regular preventive maintenance works to save time and create repeat business for added revenue stream, monitor all purchasing costs to generate accurate job quotations, control inventory across multiple locations and in various type, make or model and size, using just one powerful software. Ostendo delivers what every sales, repair and maintenance company needs to bring superior service to its customers without being complicated or difficult to learn.

Companies are equipped with a complete asset register, fully featured assignment board, comprehensive service job module and mobility platform that allows information to be displayed and entered remotely, which works with or without network coverage. They have more control over the inventory and are able to monitor the operations without a lot of hassle. They can accurately and efficiently schedule, track and manage routine repair and maintenance of all the equipment sold to customers, thus greatly increasing their value to their customers that would result to better profitability.

They are also able to customize the screens, reports and forms to fit into a company’s internal process. In essence, Ostendo can do what a sales and service company hopes to achieve to enhance the way it runs the business, including allocation of machinery and manpower complete with maintenance history on equipment and control over labor cost and purchasing of parts.

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