Cheque Printing Software

Cheque Printing Software

Cheque Printing, although not new, is a feature which most users want in their accounting software and most of them are capable of printing out cheque vouchers (A4 sized pre-printed voucher cheque that can be printed with the cheque detail over it).

Cheque Printing Template

Using Moneyworks, the user can print a cheque voucher from the Payment Transaction menu. However, majority of small businesses in Singapore are mainly using standard hand-written cheques (about 180 mm x 87 mm). This is partly due to the rather costly voucher cheque while hand- written cheque books usually comes with opening an account with the bank.

Preparing the hand-written cheque can be a time consuming process, especially if there are a large number of cheques which are required to be written. Furthermore, these cheques are susceptible to typing errors.

Cheque printing machines as well as cheque writer software are available in the market but they do not link to your accounting software making it troublesome (usually, you need to export payment detail from your accounting software and import it into your cheque printing software).

MoneyWorks’s form feature allows the user to customize their cheque layout in hand-written cheque format (around 180mm x 87mm).

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