Job Costing & Projects

Project Costing

Ostendo is designed to help companies to track the profitability of every project and better cost control so you can have the information to make informed decisions.

Capturing new jobs, linking sub-jobs, allocating costs and labour, scheduling resources and invoicing gives your project & operational team the tools to manage their workload.

Jobs can be linked to a specific project which then allows for updated real-time project costing. The project costing information allows for the tracking of budget versus actual project costing, alerting the user if planned vs actual costs are over budget.

Manager is empowered with timely and detailed cost information to monitor their project performance, at the same time, accounts/finance manager is able to track the total project cost.

Save Data Entry Time by 50%


Capturing Sales Revenue

Revenue is captured from the Sales module via Sales invoicing or Job module via Job invoicing. Jobs can be invoiced as from actual entries, fixed price and scheduled stages. In some cases, a direct invoice can be prepared and link it to the project, the corresponding sales value will be reflected in the respective project

Capturing Costs (Expenses, Claims, Material Cost, Labour, Outsource Services, etc)

Job Cost is captured from job order that are tagged to the Project. Costs are tracked by job, each job order is track by their job number that consists of customer information, job information (date started, completed, and shipped); individual cost information for materials used (material requisition form), labour (timesheet), services charged by external parties, and overhead; and a total job cost summary.

Strategic Information for Management Decision Making

Job orders screen provides a one-stop dashboard with all the relevant information for decision making. From this inquiry screen, the user is able to view the cost summary information by cost elements and drill down to the individual cost elements to view the details.




  • Track profitability by job / customer.
  • Consolidate multiple jobs into a single project.
  • Invoice by fixed price or actual usage.
  • Track sub-contractor work.
  • Easily process timesheets by job.
  • Generate purchase orders directly from a job.
  • Extensive labour and material tracking options.
  • Job progress tracking from quote acceptance or service call to completion and invoicing.
  • Progress payment and retention invoicing.
  • Easy comparison of quoted and actual costs.

Ostendo job costing has become increasingly popular with custom manufacturers, installers and contractors. Our customers say it best …….

“We were looking for a system that would incorporate our need to track our project costing & accrual that will integrate into our MYOB accounting. We were using excel to track job costing and pass accrual journal entry to capture our project profitability. With Ostendo, we are able to track costs to job more accurately and effectively because labour and materials cost are captured from job order and linked to project.” – Crystal Lee, Asian Sealand Offshore & Marine Pte Ltd

“We implemented Ostendo in June 2016 replacing an existing obsolete warehouse system. One of our main requirements was a reliable and easy inventory and project tracking system along with fully integrated accounting software. Ostendo operational system provides this at a fraction of the cost of the other software.” – Daniel Heng, Contrac-Image Trading Pte Ltd

“Ostendo Operational System is the total solution for our operational and accounting needs. Every department is integrated into one platform. The real-time job costing data along with the complete integration of our customers, inventory, purchasing and invoicing provides us with the foundation to operate our business profitably. The Ostendo team is great to work with” – Jasmine Koh, Glass Point Constructions Pte Ltd

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