Warehousing / Inventory

Advanced Inventory for Import, Export, Wholesale, Retail and Distribution

Distributors, exporters, importers, retailers and wholesalers deal with a lot of inventory that vary in color, grade, size and style, and that’s just for starters. Companies engaged in these trades also have to watch out for the expiration dates as well as track goods by their serial numbers or batch numbers. Overall, such businesses have complex stock control needs and require a powerful system to manage everything that goes in and out of the warehouse.

Now comes another challenge. More often than not, these companies have several warehouses that are located in different places. So all their stock have to be accounted for and moved out at the shortest possible time for shipping or delivery to clients waiting to receive them at a specific date. In the highly competitive retail industry or in any other business, the ability to make good on a promise – like when products ordered are supposed to arrive to a customer, in the right quantity or kind – will reflect on the company’s service level and profitability and eventually, its corporate identity.

Inventory-ControlIt sounds like a lot of work and a huge responsibility but a company’s staff can manage to get all these done and stay on top of the inventory on a day-to-day basis with the help of Ostendo Operations Software. Distributors, exporters, importers and wholesalers with direct counter sales have found the software useful in their everyday operations. Likewise, retailers with point of sale and online web stores have seen the benefits of Ostendo to their businesses.

With Ostendo, companies can manage imported landed costs in foreign currencies, deal with multiple pricing levels and handle discount buyer groups. It is capable of complex stock control which is crucial to companies that carry an assortment of goods in various units of measure, sell clothes in different fit and design, supply perishable items with limited shelf life or track products with bar codes, among others.

The inventory software is also equipped for multi warehousing and branch delivery with head office billing. It is a complete warehouse management system. What’s more, it has the features that companies which require numerous sales reports and inventory replenishment data are looking for.

Ostendo brings advanced inventory

The key function of this software for distributors, exporters, importers, retailers and wholesalers alike is the advanced inventory, which enables them to better trace the goods from purchasing to sales. This works for items with batches, expiry dates and serial numbers or products that come in packs of various sizes and different units of measure. It addresses companies’ complex needs such as those with storage in multiple sites or keep stocks across several warehouses, not to mention manage goods held on consignment. Essentially, advanced inventory helps a company make complete deliveries more accurately and on time.

Sales assistant doing a stocktakeOstendo enables a company to calculate accurate landed costing for imported items and multi-level bill of material rolled up costs for goods that are manufactured or assembled to order. Aside from getting better control of jobs production and inventory, it has the ability to analyze each job’s costs and provide a lot more detailed information to improve processes. All the staff such as in sales, inventory, etc. can easily access the same information right away, paving the way for smoother operations across the company. They are also assured that they get the most accurate inventory data possible.

Simultaneously, it provides in-depth reports that can be customized to meet a company’s requirements. This is especially useful for companies operating in industries that move in a fast pace and where market trends often change. Reports not only serve to help the company monitor its inventory in order to meet customer demand and delivery schedules, but also provide the information necessary to make sound business decisions.

Besides effectively managing inventory no matter how complicated it is, Ostendo is known to be user friendly and easy to master. Staff who will be using the system will not be spending a lot of time training to be able to use it. Neither would it take much time to add data and deploy the system. It is fast to set up and easy to use that the staff will be able to pick it up quickly and soon experience the advantage of using Ostendo.


Last but not the least, Ostendo is a highly flexible system, making it ideal for small and medium enterprises, too.


Inventory, MRP & Purchasing

  • Multiple Sites, Warehouses and Locations
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Serial Number, Batch and Warranty Tracking
  • Grade, Colour, Size, Revision, Expiry Date
  • Barcodes, Barcode Labels and Inventory Labels
  • Allows for Negative Stock
  • Stock Takes and ‘As At Date’ Stock Valuation
  • Warehouse and Location Transfers
  • Average, Standard, Last and Actual Costing at Company or Site Level
  • Sales and Purchase Order Matrices with 2 or 3 Dimensions per Style eg Apparel
  • Supersession and Alternative Item with Company Cross Reference Coding
  • Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment
  • MRP Materials Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Budgets, Multi Level with Comparatives
  • Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies, Sales Orders or Stock
  • Unlimited Supplier Catalogues/Price Lists
  • Landed Costing for Imports with Multi Currency
  • 50 character item codes
  • 100 character item product descriptions
  • 66,000 character item notes field
  • Image and document attachments

Distribution, Service & POS

  • DRP Distribution Requirements Planning System
  • Sales Orders with complete Picking, Packing and
  • Shipping Process
  • Consolidate Invoices for Jobs, Sales Deliveries and Recurring Invoices
  • Customer Statements by Company Site, Branch or Head Office
  • Sales Kitsets, Configured Items, Alternate Items and Add-on Sales
  • Unlimited Price Levels, Discount Matrix Rules, Special Pricing & Order Pricing Matrix
  • Speed Order Entry Screens defined by User
  • Sales Order and POS Touch Screens
  • Remote Tablet Users
  • Web Based Order Entry for Sales Representatives
  • Sales Budgets, Multi Level with Comparatives
  • Complete Sales and Service History
  • Creates Customer Service Asset after Selling Product or Service
  • Original and Extended Warranty Tracking
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Service Reminder Letters or Emails
  • Many to One for Assets to Jobs
  • Schedules Preventive Maintenance and automatically creates Service Jobs
  • Mobile Meter Readings
  • Rentals and Hire
  • Point of Sale




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