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Manufacturing Solution

Ostendo Operations Software

Streamline your manufacturing process

Real-Time Costing And Reporting


Ostendo removes the need for time-sheets and stock transfers to be done manually in order for you to receive real time reports. Management and production operations staff can create forecasts, tweak schedules and see every part of the chain in one place through the system, allowing for real-time tracking and adjustment

Save Costs & Time

Capable of forecasting inventory and managing replenishment and suggested orders to meet demand. It pays to know what, when and how much to order and which vendor to purchase from to eliminate waste and not miss any opportunity in the market

Improve Customer Service

If it is properly designed and controlled, the MRP system enhances customer service through reducing late orders. This leads to increased production levels and assists the company to respond quicker to any variations in demand

Better Control

Gain increased management over Bill of Management recipes by storing them directly within the system, preventing inconsistencies in manufactured products. Different versions can be maintained easily to stop complexities and confusion

Ostendo software is cost effective when compared feature by feature with other packages. Well priced for the smaller company and has extensive functionality. Some of the benefits of Ostendo include flexibility and the ability to manage the software in house. It’s easy for us to add new users and set up on new workstations. We have found Ostendo reporting to be very powerful and save us time getting the business information we need. It’s a good product for similar sized manufacturers in similar industries.
Peter Tan
A B Food Industries Limited
We have successfully installed and implemented Ostendo system in our label & sticker printing and marketing company. It has tremendously improved our staffs’efficiency and accuracy in records updating and providing real time results in the whole business operations by integrating our sales, purchasing, inventory and assembly. The management is also able to access the daily operational information with this software. The smooth system integration is able to provide more accurate and immediate result on stock control, assembly/production and product margin.
Leem Lee Sing
Hexachase Group of Companies
So far Ostendo has managed to provide a solution to all problems we’ve asked it to solve. It is very customisable and has a straight forward user interface (which is also customisable). Our company sales process flow is much more controlled. Inventory is better than it used to be. We now have the confidence to start our push for ISO9000 accreditation. Ostendo was the only package which offered the functions we wanted. The continuing developments have demonstrated that the product has a lot of scope. Support has been excellent. We are planning our company development around Ostendo.
Andrew Holmes
Bushcomm HF Antennas

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