Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

SMEs are in the business of service, repair and preventive maintenance of equipment need a way to keep track of new installations, routine work, regular repairs and scheduled maintenance to provide superior service to customers and grab opportunities to earn more from repeat business. Imagine gathering all these data and managing all the work manually.

Ostendo Operational Software simplifies all the tasks involved in keeping customers’ asset like equipment in one system. From inventory and warranty control to maintenance schedules, tracking customer assets and calls, and producing purchase orders, these are all captured in the system.

You are able to schedule regular preventive maintenance works to save time and create repeat business for added revenue stream, monitor all purchasing costs to generate accurate job quotations, control inventory across multiple locations and in various type, make or model and size, using just one powerful software.

One Stop Service Maintenance Solution


Stop giving away free service & Generate more revenue

With the vast amount of equipment information stored against each asset, reports for auditing and analytic purposes are readily available. It helps to keep track of new installations, routine work, regular repairs and scheduled maintenance. You do not have to worry about missing out anymore!

Increased technician & customer satisfaction

Companies are equipped with a complete asset register, fully featured assignment board, comprehensive service job module and mobility platform that allows information to be displayed and entered remotely, which works with or without network coverage. They have more control over the inventory and are able to monitor the operations without a lot of hassle. They can accurately and efficiently schedule, track and manage routine repair and maintenance of all the equipment sold to customers, thus greatly increasing their value to their customers that would result to better profitability.

Contracts & SLA Management

Define customer contracts & SLA, what equipment is covered and the terms of the contract. Terms are reflected on any service work required for the asset or customer.

Service – Mobile

Provide your service teams with the information and tools they need while out in the field


– Complete Sales and Service History
– Creates Customer Service Asset after Selling Product or Service
– Original and Extended Warranty Tracking
– Service Level Agreements
– Service Reminder Letters or Emails
– Many to One for Assets to Jobs
– Warranty tracking commences at the time of product or service sale and continues through its life cycle, recording all the service, maintenance and repair activities.
– Includes manufacturers’ warranties and extended warranties that you have sold to the customer.
– Scheduled servicing of customer assets with automatic email reminder to customer of planned servicing.
– Templates for service planning and batch entry of service plans.
– Integrates with Job Mobile

Ostendo delivers what every sales, repair and maintenance company needs to bring superior service to its customers without being complicated or difficult to learn. Our customers say it best ………

“Deciding to install a completely new operational and accounting system was a big step for our small service company. As we had been using excel before, it was a big job bringing all our products, suppliers and customers into a centralised system but we had excellent training which helped make the task less daunting. Ostendo has allowed us to manage and monitor all our customers and inventory effectively. More importantly, we are able to use our mobile phone to issue service sheet with customer signature, and invoice can be done from main office once the job is completed. “- Eric Poh, Orisys Technology Pte Ltd

“We are using Microsoft Excel to manage our inventory and update our sales figure given by our promoters from different departmental store. Checking for stock availability in departmental stores has been very challenging, with Ostendo, we are able to update our sales and stock over mobile phone by our promoter and tallying our department sales monthly is so much easier and save a lot of time.” – Kenneth Li, Scube Gift Pte Ltd

“We previously managed our installation and service schedules by hand,  with mobility service apps we are able to schedule technicians from the Sales Order – for each individual service line of the sales order, automating what was once a paper intensive process. We are able to track time and stock item used to complete installation and service line items on a scheduled Event; allowing us to easily push these items to the sales order for invoicing purposes.” – William Tan, Advanced Micro Computer Pte Ltd

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