Manufacturing – MRP System

Manufacturing – MRP

Manufacturers – from food to electronics, equipment and various products – closely watch their process flow, inventory and job costing, among other things, to operate more efficiently and thereby improve profitability. A system that would enable them to do all that and more becomes a major and valuable management decision.

Ostendo Operations Software, when plugged into an existing accounting software provides advanced inventory, job costing, manufacturing, service, preventive maintenance, mobility, distribution and dynamic reporting. To date, many manufacturers have found it to be the right fit for their needs.

Real-time Costing & Reporting


Save costs & time

Ostendo is capable of forecasting inventory and managing replenishment and suggested orders to meet demand (Master Production Schedule). To attain efficiencies in production operations, acquisition of materials (Bill Of Materials) must take into account incoming sales orders as well as stock on hand and other historical inventory data available (Work In Progress) that may show seasonal inventory needs. Capturing all the necessary data and having an effective system in place helps in consolidating purchasing of similar parts to be used for multiple jobs to achieve economies of scale. It pays to know what, when and how much to order and which vendor to purchase from to eliminate waste and not miss any opportunity in the market.

Improved customer service

If it is properly designed and controlled, the MRP enhances customer service through reducing late orders. This leads to increased production levels and it assists the company to respond quicker to any variations in demand.

Gain real-time business intelligence

Management and production operations staff can create forecasts, tweak schedules and see every part of the chain in one place. If demand increases, MRP makes it much easier to see the timescales it may take for any kind of adjustment in the procurement, production, or distribution processes – whether the requirement is to ‘make to order’, ‘make to stock’ or future planned purchasing or production – to keep up with the load.


  • Multiple Sites, Warehouses and Locations
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Serial Number, Batch and Warranty Tracking, Grade, Colour, Size, Revision, Expiry Date
  • Allows for Negative Stock
  • Stock Takes and ‘As At Date’ Stock Valuation
  • Warehouse and Location Transfers
  • Average, Standard, Last and Actual Costing at Company or Site Level
  • Inventory Forecasting and Replenishment
  • MRP Materials Requirement Planning
  • Purchase Budgets, Multi Level with Comparatives
  • Purchase directly for Jobs, Assemblies, Sales Orders or Stock
  • Landed Costing for Imports with Multi Currency

Ostendo provides manufacturing functionality that suit;  Manufacturers of Custom and Repeat Products, Engineering Fabrication and Jobbing, Food and Chemical Process Industries. Our customer say it best ……..

“We have successfully installed and implemented Ostendo system in our label & sticker printing and marketing company. It has tremendously improved our staffs’efficiency and accuracy in records updating and providing real time results in the whole business operations by integrating our sales, purchasing, inventory and assembly. The management is also able to access the daily operational information with this software. The smooth system integration is able to provide more accurate and immediate result on stock control, assembly/production and product margin” – Leem Lee Sing, Hexachase Group of Companies.

“Ostendo software is cost effective when compared feature by feature with other packages. Well priced for the smaller company and has extensive functionality. Some of the benefits of Ostendo include flexibility and the ability to manage the software in house. It’s easy for us to add new users and set up on new workstations. We have found Ostendo reporting to be very powerful and save us time getting the business information we need. It’s a good product for similar sized manufacturers in similar industries.” – Peter Tan, A B Food Industries Limited 

“I discovered Ostendo after I searched the internet for a jobbing package that would link/integrate with MYOB. I like the ease of use, daunting first when you see, but easy enough to learn. I also like the multi user appeal and invoice preparation. I chose Ostendo because I wanted a system supporting MYOB and a better/improved jobbing package than MYOB could offer. I now have better Inventory control, Jobbing control and Job Costing. Ostendo, once learnt, is simple to use and track (search fields are excellent).” – Annette Yandle. Taranaki Engineering Proud Limited.

“So far Ostendo has managed to provide a solution to all problems we’ve asked it to solve. It is very customisable and has a straight forward user interface (which is also customisable). Our company sales process flow is much more controlled. Inventory is better than it used to be. We now have the confidence to start our push for ISO9000 accreditation. Ostendo was the only package which offered the functions we wanted. The continuing developments have demonstrated that the product has a lot of scope. Support has been excellent. We are planning our company development around Ostendo.”Andrew Holmes. Bushcomm HF Antennas

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