Learn to mind your own business and be good with ABSS.

Running your own business and feel bogged down with accounting details? But still hesitant to try out an accounting software? Yet, there’s just not enough time to concentrate on growing sales or kick-start the expansion? ABSS Premier can help you run the business smoothly, if you just allow it to. Simplify invoicing and simultaneously track transactions to get paid fast. Know exactly what’s in stock and manage inventory to optimal levels. Deal in multiple currencies and automatically generate tax submissions. Stay on top of everything with accurate reports that assess the business in detail. ABSS (formerly known as MYOB) is the smart way to handle accounting, invoicing and inventory for SMEs –

Suited for home-based businesses to companies with several branches

Cost-effective with lower overall cost plus reduce overhead expenses

Increase productivity and improve turnaround time

Automatically record all financial data and get work done fast

Streamline the entire accounting process as well as complex inventory issues

Here’s what over 1M SME owners and operators love about ABSS ( formerly known as MYOB ):

1. User-friendly Interface

Simplified software functions and minus the accounting jargons so your people get the job done quickly.

Save time figuring out the software and experience a more productive accounting process that can be customized to the business’ needs.

2. Reliable Client Support

Cared for by a team of professional and experienced IT software and hardware specialists whose primary job is to align your business strategy and needs with the right technology.

A no obligation onsite demo or experience the powerful ABSS softwares first hand for 30 days – free.

3. Focus on Core Business

Relish the freedom and flexibility to work on growing the business as ABSS’s integrated accounting, billing and inventory management system does the rest.

Easily manage even the most complex medium-sized companies and enjoy time-saving tools to keep track of the business.

4. IRAS compliant Software

ABSS Premier is one of the software listed under IRAS.


To schedule a non-obligation demo, you can click 👉 whatsapp icon 👉  or call Anson at 9457 3538 or click “download” button 👇 for 45 day trial software

14 thoughts on “ABSS

  1. Can MYOB support business size of $10 millions with 100 over workers in a semi manufacturing company? We are looking gir a fully integrated ERP sofeware with CRM capabilities.

    1. Hi Mr Lee,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      Yes, MYOB can support business size of $10M and it depends your operational usability.
      I will contact you directly to find out more about your requirement.
      rgds, Anson

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I’m looking for a Payroll & HR software, can you send a quotation to me? basic function needed. I’m more concern on cost.

    we total have 4 subsidiaries, around 80 staffs.

    Warm Regards,

    1. Hi Angela,

      Our payroll & HR software is affordable and I will contact you directly.

      Looking forward to work with you.

      rgds, Anson

  3. Hi Team,

    We are software reseller in Sydney Australia and providing procurement services.

    Currently we have a customer is interested in the below inquiry:

    Need your help to source MYOB that meets the below requirement :

    Any Windows 10 supported? Currently my client using MYOB version 12v4 which understand is outdated. Any new software that can be used to restore the backup from version 12v4 and used on Windows 10?

    Can you please provide a reseller quote for this?

    1. Hi Dylan,

      Thanks for your enquiry. We can upgrade MYOB Premier v12 to latest v19 and it supports Windows 10.

      I will quote you separately.

      Thanks, Anson

  4. Hi Team,
    We are an accounting firm looking to buy MYOB software that can support multiple currencies which allow us to enter multiple clients data base and accessible by 2 users. Please recommend which type is suitable. Thank you.

    1. Dear Yelly,

      You can consider either MYOB or Moneyworks as both support your requirement.
      Perhaps you should evaluate both software functionality and benefit in order to make the decision.

      Please call us at 6347 3538 for more information.

      rgds, Anson

  5. I am using myob premier version 13 currently. is it old version so does it need to be upgraded? We are looking for payroll and HR softwares that can integrate into MYOB or other softwares??
    My concern is whether the payroll can be integrated into new upgraded myob that can be connected to the bank?
    Please advise.

    1. Thanks Ellen for the enquiry.
      Starting 1st Jan 2018, MYOB is formally changed to ABSS.
      Therefore, new products will be name as the follows:
      1. MYOB Premier to ABSS Premier (now version 20)
      2. MYOB Accounting to ABSS Accounting (now version 25)
      3. MYOB Payroll to ABSS Payroll (now version 9)
      4. MYOB Retail Manager to ABSS Retail Manage (coming soon)

      You can consider ABSS Payroll. I will contact you directly.

      rgds, Anson

  6. Hi,

    Would like to know if able to access the financial status/reports anytime via iOS & Android devices? Pleas advise.

    Thank you

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