Ostendo ERP Software

Ostendo ERP Software

Ostendo Operations Software is affordable and assists your team to focus on the range of operational activities that keep you in business. Your operations team generates the revenue and influences the product and job profitability giving your accounting system something to account for at the end of day. Ostendo ERP Software will assist you all to focus on profitable work, higher return activities and the real business goals.

  1. Make your operations team more effective and put them in the driving seat of the operations system. Improve customer service and responsiveness to problems and change. Increase efficiency in areas such as order planning and labour tracking. Reduce costs and improve profitability through more accurate quoting and costing.
  2. Save time, money and knowledge and continue to use your existing financial system. You do not need to replace it if it is not broken. You don’t have to retrain your accounts department and you can readily recruit new staff if you are using one of the common accounting products. Simply add Ostendo to the software mix to solve the operational issues.
  3. Keep your chartered accountant happy. Use the accounting software they are familiar with. Ostendo will improve your financial visibility with instant work in progress (WIP), more accurate inventory valuations and cost of sales.

Ostendo software is suitable for

What is the benefit to you:

Your staff need less training as they can still work in the same financial back end software

The flexibility of Ostendo means we implement at any point of the year

We arrange for Ostendo to be implemented in stages, with less operational disruption to your business

You don’ t have to pay a fortune to have the same benefits from operational software that the biggest businesses have.

You have the benefit of Ostendo consultants who understand accounting, who are qualified trainers and who know what businesses need from an ERP software.

And you can ditch all the spreadsheets that you are using to manage your business!

Keep Your Accounting Software

Ostendo is designed to integrate with popular third party accounting systems (MYOB, Quickbooks, Xero, Moneyworks and Autocount) so you can keep your existing accounting software systems.

While they are two softwares, Ostendo and your accounting system become one integrated ERP system for operational and financials management.

The advantages of this approach are;

  • No need to change your accounting system or learn another software.
  • No change of relationship with your accountant.
  • No change of financial reporting.




Asia Hawk Pte Ltd has been selected by IMDA as a Pre-approved SMEs Go Digital Vendor. The product features for Accounting, Inventory and Sales Management System under Ostendo Operations Software. The digital solution supported under PSG is from 14 Mar 2019 – 13 Mar 2020. You can claim up to 70% subsidy.

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