Infusionsoft – Making a smart move to boost sales

When operating a small business, entrepreneurs have to deal with day-to-day tasks that take up a lot of time when they should be focused on getting customers and pushing sales. This is the main problem that Infusionsoft, a sales and marketing automation software, is addressing for small businesses.


Infusionsoft allows SMEs to organize their operations which saves them time so they can focus more on increasing sales. It works by fully automating routine tasks enabling the company to connect with leads more efficiently and build relationships with customers.

Infusionsoft has several solutions that essentially allow SMEs to get more leads and convert contacts to customers, craft a marketing strategy and implement it effectively, tap e-commerce, and manage the whole sales process. Below are the solutions under its wing:

Customer Relationship Management or CRM

Infusionsoft’s customer tracking software allows SMEs to capture information on leads and customers –  from their contact details, their orders to their last interactions with the company – and organizes and stores them all in one place. The software also helps SMEs manage their data easily as it can import data, add contacts through mobile devices, and automatically tracks if there is duplication of data, among others.

A key feature of the CRM solution is the tagging and segmentation where companies can create customer lists based on demographics, purchases, payment history, lead score, and email clicks. Through these, they can prioritize the hottest leads and send personalized messages. In addition, Infusionsoft has tools to manage appointments, generate tasks for contacts, and set reminders, etc.

Marketing Automation

This solution is all about building relationships by improving the company’s engagement with leads, but with less effort as it automates lead capture and follow up. This has a campaign builder that encourages the business to create its own marketing program, which it can implement repeatedly without having to start from scratch. This is also easy to use – just drag and drop. The company can even opt for readily available campaign templates at the Infusionsoft Marketplace.

This feature has a landing page builder for use when rolling out various promotions. Any SME can create professional landing pages and web forms to collect contact details without the need for website developers. This solution also includes website tracking to determine how many customers a campaign has attracted and real data that will help the company make informed decisions. Likewise, the Infusionsoft marketing automation software can assess how effective a campaign is through statistics and reports made available in real time.

Sales Automation

This aims to simplify the sales process to close deals fast and increase revenues. It allows lead scoring that can be customized to the needs of the business to pick out the hottest leads that must be in the priority list. It is also capable of creating and managing quotes, which it converts automatically into orders. It even manages what is in the pipeline so the company can project the monthly revenues and determine which products fly off the shelf – all without manual work.

This solution integrates all sales activities and appointments, automatically generates follow up emails and tasks, and sends a personalized yet automated series of communication to customers who recently made a purchase.

Online Sales

Any SME can have a professional digital storefront and shopping cart to start selling online. Infusionsoft’s e-commerce tools offer templates that can be customized to the company’s requirements. This way, promotions, special discounts, and subscription plans can be sent to target groups only. The company has complete control over the e-commerce and payment processing.

As it also keeps track of interactions with customers, Infusionsoft provides a seamless experience throughout the sales process up to the post-purchase communication which are triggered automatically.


A solution with reporting features is able to effectively guide SMEs in their decision-making as well as help them evaluate quickly which efforts paid off and which did not bring results. Such data will allow the company to create marketing initiatives with high impact and measure return on investment.

Infusionsoft marketing reports give SMEs a view of the highest-performing marketing campaigns and list of contacts who have completed certain actions. The sales reports can show activity history and sales generated by each rep as well as the projected revenue for current activities. This solution can also run order and billing reports and even admin reports.


Infusionsoft’s mobile capabilities take the business anywhere and allow access anytime thereby increasing productivity. Infusionsoft mobile app automatically syncs with the desktop application for seamless data flow. It allows mobile payments, too. The company’s rep can charge products and services from anywhere with an integrated mobile card reader.

Another feature is its responsive design optimized for mobile display. It offers templates for lead forms, landing pages, and emails so the company’s content can be published quickly and will still look good whatever device the customer is using.


Infusionsoft is integrated with invoicing, billing, collection, and related communications. It can collect payments instantly by enabling the company to accept credit cards using the EMV card reader. With completely transparent pricing, the company will know exactly how much it is making. This solution also connects transactions to contacts data, offering a full view of customer activity.


Infusionsoft platform integrations leverage on the technology the company already has so connecting systems will be easy and information need not be encoded several times. For instance, it integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software that allow data to be synced continuously and avoid duplication in data entry.

SMEs can also benefit from Infusionsoft Marketplace, the one-stop shop for hundreds of Infusionsoft integrations. Its service and technology partners – writers, designers, developers, trainers, and consultants – continue to grow.

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