What’s New in MoneyWorks 8

Moneyworks 8

MoneyWorks was designed with the belief that accounting software shouldn’t slow you down. It should be fast, easy to use, immensely powerful and accessible to everyone. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at MoneyWorks, and we constantly strive to find ways for our users to get the every best without complexity or compromise.


  • Serial and Batch Number Tracking: You can track your inventoried items (stocks) by serial or batch numbers (expiry date as well).
  • Location Tracking : Track stock by location, with or without serial/batch tracking.
  • Security levels protect sensitive information: Users can now have their privileges set by roles. This makes it easier to manage the privileges for large numbers of users. General ledger security levels provide added protection to sensitive information (such as payroll transactions).
  • Dashboard calendar: Calendar to help you manage and plan, with separate calendars for company and each user, plus user definable calendars (e.g. for meeting room booking)
  • Departmental reconciliation: The Bank Reconciliation can now be used to reconcile arbitrary departmentalised accounts.
  • Timesheet Entry: Can now be used to enter budgets, serial numbers and locations.
  • Credit terms: Can be more than 127 days.
  • Powerful new scripting capabilities: Including support for file handling, CURL, BASE64 and the new MoneyWorks custom windows

Moneyworks GoldPLUS

  • New database storage format results in smaller data files, about 15%-30% smaller
  • More user/custom fields and larger field capacity
  • Multi-section forms in forms designer
  • Unlimited contacts per Name record.

Please note that Snow Leopard on Mac and XP/Vista on Windows are no longer supported.

Mac 10.7 Lion or later required. 10.11 El Capitan or later recommended
Windows Windows 7 or later required. Windows 10 recommended

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